For the True Gentleman and Fair Lady - Yally Collection

The simpler the outfit, the more impressive the wearer. Honoring this fashion code, The Yally Collection always appears to be elegantly clean. The three new couple watches continue the collection’s refreshing style, with the added luxury of rose gold elements. 12 Roman numerals circle the dial in order, resembling a line of loyal guards or a monument with a timeless epigraph. With the hour and minute hands evolved from the classic lozenge hand, the tips of which are shaped to be finer pinpoints. With luminescent coating on them, these customized hands possess eye catching detail. Furthermore, the new dial is equipped with a date window at 3 o’clock, reminding its owner of every important day not be missed. The new Yally watches are presented in three different models, which are: a white dial with stainless steel bracelet, a white dial with leather strap and a brown dial with leather strap. The overall design is one of simple elegance with refined details emanating excellence.

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